Which Songs Have Helped You And Your Friends Through Hard Times?

We all know that music is a powerful thing – it’s why we all love it. The right song or shared musical experience can be the soundtrack that gets you through an especially difficult experience or helps you to connect with someone who might be going through a hard time themselves.

For me, Rufus Wainwright’s ‘Go Or Go Ahead’ will forever be that one go-to song. Despite the fact that I turn into a blubbering mess every time I listen to that song, it manages to cheer me up slightly, no matter what I’m going through. More importantly, it’d be song I’d share with a friend if I knew they were finding things difficult.

So many of us find it tough to talk about the subject of mental health, but taking that first step to start a conversation with someone is really important. NME is partnering with Time To Change – a mental health anti-stigma campaign run by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness – to look at the ways a shared musical experience can help bring people together and puncture the taboo around mental health. We want to hear your stories. Maybe sharing a gig-going experience with a confidante has helped you see things in a different light, or a particular song has helped you connect with someone who is having a hard time with a mental health problem.

We’ll carry interviews based on the most powerful stories and we’ll create a playlist of the songs that might have helped too. Join in the conversation on Twitter via #timetotalk, or leave a comment below.