Which Stranger Things Cast Member Was In A British Noise Rock Band?

Seriously, not a minute goes past without some other amazing musical revelation from the set of Stranger Things. After the discovery of SURVIVE, the band behind the score, the YouTube karaoke cover versions by Eleven and the news that the guy who plays Steve is in a Tame Impala-style psych band in Chicago comes this, the fact that Charlie Heaton – the British actor who plays the somewhat odd older Byers brother Jonathan – used to be in a noise rock band a few years back.

Comanechi was the band, a cult group known around the UK for their frontwoman Akiko Matsuura’s fast and furious approach. Heaton joined the band when he was still a teenager and toured with the band for over a year. Click above to watch wee Charlie playing drums on the 2013 single ‘Love Is The Cure’.

Here’s Heaton talking to The Quietus about joining the band, also in 2013. “I’ve swapped hanging around with teenage douchebags for hanging out with other douchebags,” he commented. “In all seriousness, it’s been incredible. From leaving college – not that I attended that often – to touring with the likes of Gossip and Bo Ningen, and within a month of joining the band playing in front of over 3,000 people, it’s been pretty mental. I didn’t expect it. Also I found out I live on the same street as Akiko which is pretty handy. I know that if I wanna go party it’s always five minutes away from my door.”

Heaton swaped the rock and roll lifestyle for the stage in 2015 – making his acting debut in ITV’s DCI Banks. A year later he was smashing it in Stranger Things – well played, Charlie.