Which Upcoming Albums Are You Most Excited About?

After a lean few months, it seems there are loads of big new albums on the way. June 7 alone sees the release of LPs by Chemical Brothers, The Drums, Robyn and Richard Ashcroft’s United Nations Of Sound.

This morning we revealed the twenty albums we’re most looking forward to this summer. Here are couple of answers from round the office:

Emily Mackay: School Of Seven Bells, ‘Disconnect From Desire’. Though they’ve attracted cries of “fookin’ Enya” from the NME office, SVIIB’s debut ‘Alpinisms’ was one of the highlights of 2008 for me, its lucid, sky-gazing harmonies and satisfyingly chunky Cocteaus-meets-MBV electronic indie offering a halcyon respite for battered ears. Recent free download ‘Babelonia’ suggests their second (due July 12) will be just as luscious.

Alan Woodhouse: Teenage Fanclub, ‘Shadows’. It’s their first album in five years, and they’ve never made a bad one. They’re like the musical equivalent of a warm, comforting hug – which is always nice, isn’t it?

James McMahon: I’m looking forward to ‘Deth Red Sabaoth’, the first new Danzig album since ‘Circle Of Snakes’ in 2004. Six years without new Danzig songs really is far too fucking long! Also, the record sleeve appears to feature a slutty zombie, which is always a bonus.

David Moynihan: Klaxons’ second album. If it captures just a fraction of the energy and innovation of their debut, it’ll be worth the wait. Plus, insiders tell me it’s – finally – superb.

But how about you? Which forthcoming releases have got you counting down the days before you can wrap your ears around them?