White Lies’ Track By Track Guide To ‘Ritual’

White Lies recently released their second album ‘Ritual’. Here’s our review. And below, Harry and Jack talk us through the record

Is Love
Jack: “As an introduction, it’s a good place to start. It’s got a lot of new sounds for us, a new rhythm, and a few big choruses at the end, which is always a White Lies favourite.”
Harry: “It’s quite utilitarian. It’s evocative.”


Harry: “A very accessible song. Compared to what people think of White Lies, it’s a little bit more light-hearted.”
Jack: “This will definitely be a single.”

Bigger Than Us
Jack: “We’ve never really been a singles band. The highest we’ve been is 31, but this might be the track to nudge us a little bit higher up the charts. It’s a statement of intent.”
Harry: “Fans of ET like the video to it.”

Peace & Quiet
Harry: “This is one of our favourite tracks. It’s a demonstration of how much we’ve learned.”
Jack: “It’s the loosest track we’ve ever written. It’s got a relaxed feeling.”

Harry: “Our manager cried when he first heard it.”
Jack: “I’ve never seen anyone crying to any of our songs before!”

Holy Ghost
Jack: “This is the best example of the work Alan Moulder put into this record. It’s a good representation of what he brings to the table sonically. It has all the trademarks from his work with bands like My Bloody Valentine and Nine Inch Nails.”


White Lies

Turn The Bells
Harry: “This is my favourite song lyrically on the album. At the beginning of last year, Charles went to Tibet. It’s very much about his experiences there, especially the religion. It’s not critical, it’s observation.”
Jack: “It’s the first song we recorded for this, and was a good way to break in Alan.”

The Power & The Glory
Jack: “As a band, this is our favourite White Lies track ever. It’s quite restrained. It’s a bit of a challenge live.”
Harry: “It’s a really good mash of White Lies old and new. It’s a great pop song.”

Bad Love
Harry: “Drum-wise, it’s very Bonham-esque, which is a compliment to Jack. It’s just filler really!”
Jack: “You’re allowed to dislike your own songs sometimes.”
Harry: “It just took a while to grow on me!”

White Lies

Come Down
Jack: “There’s not really any slow songs until we get to this one, and we definitely felt the record needed that, a moment of reflection. It’s quite a daring song. It’s dangerous territory.”
Harry: “A bit ballad-y…”

Listen to White Lies, ‘Ritual’ on We7:

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