Who Are The Glastonbury Virgins Michael Eavis Is Tipping To Headline?

Everyone’s favourite farmer-turned-party-planner Michael Eavis has been dropping some enticing hints about who he’s got his eye on to headline next year’s Glastonbury Festival – and it’s good news for anyone who’s ever complained that festival always attract the same old headliners. Speaking at the AIM Awards, Eavis told us: “Next year’s headliners are more or less in place. They’re three bands who haven’t played Glastonbury, and that’s important. There aren’t many bands left who haven’t played the festival, and before we run out I’d like to persuade the ones on my wish list to come down. I think I’ve managed that with these three.”

Now, Eavis’ pronouncements this far ahead of time should definitely be taken with a Pyramid Stage-sized lump of salt. He’s been known to deliver the odd misleading clue before, and even bands with the best intentions to play can drop out for any number of reasons. However, assuming he’s right and next year’s trio will really be pulling on their wellies and braving the Worthy Farm mud for the first time, what does that leave the field looking like?

Prince could earn a decent living betting against himself playing Glastonbury, given how consistently he’s been rumoured to be about to play. He’s also notorious for over-the-top backstage demands and only confirming that he’s actually going to show up at the last moment – but could 2014 be the year he finally makes it?

After the success that Jay Z proved to be in 2008, his ‘Watch The Throne’ wingman Kanye West could be a solid shout to headline one night. Maybe he’ll stick around to team up with Daft Punk on ‘Stronger’? (Pedants note: Yes, Daft Punk did play a DJ set in the Dance area way back in 1997, but I’m not counting that because it was before they turned into robots). On a pop tip, Rihanna could follow Beyonce in bringing a crowd-pleasing mainstream hit parade to the Pyramid Stage (but would she cover Kings of Leon?).

In terms of more ‘traditional’ Eavis favourites: Depeche Mode have never played, although Dave Gahan did appear as a solo act in 2003, and neither have Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty or the Eagles. The Stone Roses are also in the mix. Would it be too late in their reunion tour – or could it be their, er, first coming?

There’s plenty of incredible acts still in contention – but if you could pull on Eavis’ tiny shorts and decide, who would you go for?