Who Are The Most Fearless People In Music?

In the new issue of the mag we hail the biggest risk-takers in music, from the Modfather to MIA, via the most boundary-pushing bands, collectives and labels.

We asked a few musicians to name the trailblazers that have inspired them. Their answers are below…. but which visionary bands/artists do you think are pushing music forward right now?

“It’s probably Richard D James aka Aphex Twin etc. Not that you can really penetrate the self-mythologisation or anything, but more for his music.” (Jack Barnett, These New Puritans)

“Whatever you think of Lady Gaga’s music, it takes bollocks to do what she does. MIA’s got to be up there though. She is someone who isn’t afraid to make big social and political statements.” (Plan B)

“Joe Meek was the ultimate rule breaker, he pretty much ripped up the book of music making convention and burnt it in sacrifice at one of his weekly seances.” (Rhys Webb, The Horrors)