Who Is Lil Poopy, The 13-Year-Old Rapper Who Just Signed A Deal With Epic/Sony?

It’s a good question; it’s an essential question. And the answer is that Lil Poopy, aka Luis Rivera Jr., is a controversial 13-year-old rapper from Massachusetts who has just signed a four-year deal with the label Epic/Sony.

No, this is not quite as galling as the three-year-old DJ who won South Africa’s Got Talent last year, but it is galling all the same. Poopy caused consternation a few years ago when he released the video for ‘Pop That Remix’, in which the then-nine-year-old slaps a woman’s bum. It’s faintly a troubling image – especially for those of us who were more into space hoppers than big booties before we reached double figures. Authorities apparently felt the same and soon investigated the boy’s father for child abuse. Charges were dropped, allowing Poopy to pursue his dream and whichever big butt he happened to spot on the horizon.

The young star emerged as part of French Montana’s crew Coke Boys and in ‘Pop That Remix’ he raps that “Coke ain’t a bad word / It’s Coca Cola / Coke ain’t a bad word / It’s only soda.” Heh-heh, kids say the funniest things.

Of his less-than-badass moniker, Rivera Jr. has remarked: “The reason why they call me Lil Poopy is ‘cause my dad, when he used to change me, I used to poop all over his hands.” Eminem had issues with his mum, but even he never did something that depraved.


If you happen to recognise Poopy, it’s perhaps because you’re a fan of the Lifetime show The Rap Game, which is sort of The X Factor for aspiring hip-hop stars. The little tyke didn’t win, but he certainly made an impression, which is possibly why he’s managed to bag this unlikely record deal with Sony/Epic.

Yes, his gimmick is sounding like Chance the Rapper has inhaled a helium balloon. But can Lil Poopy remain a Coke Boy after he hits the big 1-4? Let’s hope so: a fizzy drinks deal surely awaits.