Who Is Marina Joyce – And Why Were Her YouTube Fans Worried About Her?

“I’m not in danger and I’m not on drugs,” Marina Joyce told tens of thousands of viewers this morning in a livestream this morning (July 27) designed to quell concerns about her safety. “Thank you for caring about me. I love and care about you.” Despite her best efforts, she’s failed to convince many fans that she is in fact ok – even after a police visit to her house this morning confirmed she was safe and well. If you’re confused by all the #SaveMarinaJoyce fuss on Twitter, here’s what you need to know.

Who is Marina Joyce?

She’s a 19-year-old fashion vlogger on YouTube. Her most popular videos include a makeup tutorial for long eyelashes and one about her ‘hair routine’. Like this:

Why is everyone worried about her safety?

Her third most popular video to date, posted on July 22, is a promotional and really fucking weird video called ‘DATE OUTFIT IDEAS’. In it, Joyce links to a Kawaii-style store of cutesy dresses made by Style We. She begins: “So today I’m advertising Style You and I’m advertising their clothes so this is me just advertising their clothes and yeah I love you guys so much.” Cool, yeah.

There are several details that compound the weirdness and have fans asking loads of questions. Questions like: Who’s the person walking in the house at the start of the video? What is the paper in the corner eight seconds in? What about the finger at the edge of the screen 15 seconds in? Why does she keep looking off camera? Why are there bruises on the back of her arms? What is going on with her expression at 1:09? And, the kicker – did someone edit out a whisper of ‘Help me’ at 00.13? Combined with other details – like this since deleted tweet from yesterday (July 26), and her Instagram bio change – fans began to grow concerned.



Why was #savemarinajoyce trending?

After fans noticed the whisper that sounded like ‘help me’, another strange thing happened: Marina invited fans to a meet-up at an early-morning event at east London’s Oval Space. The event, organised by Morning Gloryville, is a sober rave that starts at 6.30am.

The event’s organisers have
since commented, “We don’t know Marina, but we’re all sending out beams of love to her and her fans in what seems to be a confusing time!” They go on to say, “The internet can be a scary a place, something we’ve come face-to-face with in just the last couple of hours. Stay cool & calm.”

Then, raising concern even higher among fans: one of YouTube’s biggest stars, Alfie Deyes – who has over five million subscribers, compared to Marina’s 731,000 – warned against attending the event, twice:

But even today Marina tweeted that she still wants people to go:

Now fans have started noticing weird stuff in her other videos, like this shotgun.


What are her fellow YouTubers saying?

One of her friends, known as ‘KarimAbridged’ on YouTube, messaged Joyce’s mum and was told “she’s a bit vulnerable” but “absolutely fine.”

Despite this, the hashtag momentum continued and fans continued to be worried.

So why are fans still worried about her?

Marina insists she’s fine.

In fact, to prove it, she did a live stream this morning to answer fans’ questions. “I’m actually ok,” she began. “Actually people actually rang the… This is exciting, this is actually really sad. Someone actually rang the police and they actually came.”

But as soon as Marina started answering the comments and questions coming in during her live-streamed video, their sleuthing intensified. “Why did you have bruises?” they asked, to which she responded, “It’s a secret”. Seemingly reluctant to talk about this private matter, she later clarified slightly: “I had all those bruises because I was in an accident… I don’t have bruises any more but something happened to me that was a really sad story… I’m bruiseless right now I think.”

Addressing the ‘help me’ whisper, she explained “I didn’t say help me, my mum said something during the… thing”, before coughing. That seems true: her mum told the same to YouTuber Karim two days ago, in the message he shared on Twitter.

But other strange things happened that made it seem like someone else could be in the room with her. She refused to turn the camera around when asked to:

She told fans “I recommend you don’t go” to the rave:

Fans also allege she made signals indicating she wasn’t ok:

Then the live stream ended before she could explain why she was sad:

She’s now tweeted that she is in fact fine:

We hope she is, indeed, ok.