Who Said It – Frank Underwood Or Donald Trump?

Donald Trump and Frank Underwood: one capitalist combover whose popularity never ceases to amaze the media, and one fictional, murderous villain hell-bent on power at all costs. You wouldn’t think that stuff they say would be that difficult to tell apart, but sometimes it kind of is.

The fictional Frank Underwood, from Netflix series House of Cards, has spent the last four seasons focusing his attention on people he can take advantage of, killing off the ones he needs to get rid of and destroying the careers of those he deems undeserving of outright murder. Everything is justifiable to him in his pursuit of power.

Trump, meanwhile, has spent the last three years saying hateful things about Mexicans, promoting his anti-gun control views and contravening musicians’ wishes that he not use their music. He’s called for a US-wide Muslim ban. He’s used a creepy tween girl band to support his campaign. He’s danced along to Hotline Bling, for god’s sake.


Both villains, then, but of very different kinds. The real test of how awful they are, in relation to one another, is whether you can tell them apart by what they say. Here’s a handy little quiz that pits some of their most defining quotes against each other – how easily can you tell them apart?


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