Which Of These Mega-Stars Should Headline Desert Trip 2017?

Whether you think of it as the greatest festival line-up of all time or the summation of music’s spiral into heritage industry territory, Desert Trip, which concluded its second weekend in California last night, has been a big talking point this autumn.

The festival took place in Palm Springs, the same site as Coachella, with The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, The Who, Neil Young and Roger Waters all playing full sets at the event.

But could the organisers do it again? This year hosted one of the world’s longest-running and best loved rock bands, a Beatle and a Nobel Prize winner, so getting a lineup together for 2017 that could match this year’s extravaganza could prove tricky, but not impossible.

If Desert Trip is to turn into a yearly tradition, there are bunch of revered artists that could step up to the plate. Fleetwood Mac are known to love a good payday, so you’ve got to think they’d jump at the chance when the call comes through. And how about Bruce Springsteen or perhaps Dolly Parton? Both are still touring and the latter’s Glastonbury set was a gigantic triumph – one she could surely replicate in the desert.

So, who would you most like to see headline Desert Trip next year? Take our poll below…