Who Do You Think Should Host The BRITs Next Year?

It’s over. Finally. The Ant and Dec era of BRITs presenting finally ended with a whimper rather than a bang. There were weak jokes. There was table chat more painful than an Eastenders Christmas dinner. There was a bit where Ant put a dress on and absolutely nobody laughed.

It’s a tough gig. Even James Corden, Ant & Dec’s predecessor and present smash hit US talk show host, fluffed it. The much-loved duo have already confirmed that they’ll be vacating the hosting job next year, but no successor has been confirmed yet. So who is going to step up and take on the impossible job of making the BRIT Awards fun again?


We had a bit of a whip round at NME towers and have made some suggestions who we think should be the next BRITs host. Ricky Gervais might bring a bit of edge to the proceedings. Annie Mac or Lauren Laverne are both music buffs and used to rubbing shoulders with the stars. Maybe it needs to be a musician though, so what if Noel Gallagherbrought his brand of witty cynicism to the awards?

Register your vote from our shortlist of 10 in the poll below, and if there’s someone you think we’ve missed, feel free to shout at us in the Facebook comments. We’ll try and put a good word in with the organisers but we’re not promising anything…

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