Who Should Replace Chris Evans In Top Gear? 10 Reasonably Priced Alternatives Suggested By The Internet

Chris Evans has decided to leave Top Gear, explaining that he “Gave it my best shot but sometimes that’s not enough.” Naturally, the internet is already guessing who will replace him, with suggestions ranging from the credible to the ridiculous. Here are 10 of the best so far.

1. Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage

Strengths: Recognisable; good at causing controversy.
Weaknesses: Shoes, has been known to crash planes.

2. Former Friends actor Matthew Perry

Strengths: Funny; he and Matt Le Blanc have already proven their chemistry.
Weaknesses: He was in a play in London that didn’t do very well so he might be scared to come back.

3. Rap star Tinie Tempah

Strengths: Funny; has already said he wants the job.
Weaknesses: May be too busy with his music – his album ‘Youth’ is out in September.

4. Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge

Strengths: Funny, popular.
Weaknesses: Could risk turning Top Gear into an actual farce.

5. Football manager Harry Redknapp

Strengths: Steady hand, good in cars.
Weaknesses: Currently a consultant for an Australian football team. That’s a bit far away.

6. Professional idiot Karl Pilkington

Strengths: Asks all the right questions.
Weaknesses: Asks too many questions.


7. Racing driver Jenson Button

Strengths: Actually known for driving; is so good at presenting that people already want him to join Top Gear.
Weaknesses: Lives in Monaco. Does that count?

8. Incumbent Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Strengths: Like former presenter Clarkson, is also called Jeremy; has the support of the people.
Weaknesses: Currently in the midst of a painful Labour power struggle.

9. Boris Johnson MP

Strengths: Has funny hair, says funny stuff.
Weaknesses: Is associated with bikes; currently in 48% of the population’s bad books.

10. Tennis pro Maria Sharapova

Strengths: Sporty; free from tennis commitments for the next two years after failing a drug test earlier this year.
Weaknesses: Owns a line of sweets called ‘Sugarpova’; failed a drug test earlier this year.

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