Who Wants To Dress Like Mumford & Sons? This Fashion Line’s For You

Need somewhere to store your pipe tobacco? Fancy looking like Marcus Mumford three hours into a wedding reception? If you’ve ever wanted to work that Amish farmhand look, this is your moment. A company called Rustic Authentics have created a range inspired by Mumford & Sons, the “ultimate menswear range for the ‘New Authentic’ movement”. The mission statement reads “Real clothing for real people who love real music. It doesn’t get any realer than that.” Sure.

Here’s creator Josh Hewiss on the Mumford & Sons official forum:

Hey MUMSONs Just wanted to stop by and let you know that, after completing college, I’ve completed work on my first fashion line and it’s all heavily inspired by the look and feel of Mumford & Sons’ music. I wanted to create some authentic clothes for us, the true fans

Moonshiner’s Fedora


“With a small embroidered leaf accent and a Quaker-esque brim, this hat looks the part and is a work of art. There’s also a small internal pocket to store your goodies. Also available in straw”

Shepherd’s Bush Suspenders


“You could wear a belt, but you’ll be the talk of the speakeasy with these hand-crafted suspenders. Functional and fashionable, these wardrobe staples will get you through many a “Ho Hey” ho-down or riverside writing session”

Tie No More dress shirt


“Inspired by Marcus Mumford’s stage wear, this classy white long-sleeve is entirely buttonless halfway up your torso, giving you a look that’s at once well-groomed and disheveled — think three hours into a wedding reception”

Babel Pantaloon


“From harvesting the fabric through the dying process and final construction, these timeless pants are a staple of any authentic outfit”

Festival Fanny Pouch


“A perfect spot to store slightly larger items like a guitar capo, harmonica, poetry book, smart phone, music festival itinerary, iPod charger and pipe tobacco”

The Everyboot


“Going to a show? Sipping a pour-over? Climbing a mountain? It used to be that you’d wear a different shoe for each outing, but we understand that simplicity is the most authentic way to live”

Authentic, indeed.

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