Finally, We Can See What Ugly Naked Guy From ‘Friends’ Looks Like

Everyone who watched ‘Friends’ – so, everyone – will remember Ugly Naked Guy as the mysterious character who lived opposite the characters in the show, often appalling them by being both naked and ugly much of the time.

We never saw his face, only the friends’ horrified reactions at seeing him swan about his apartment in his birthday suit. Ross confronted him in one episode, but even then we only saw his back. Have you spent the last decade wondering who Ugly Naked Guy was and what he looked like? Of course you haven’t!

One journalist has, however. Huffington Post writer Todd Van Luling claims to have spent a year looking for the actor who played the character. IMDB revealed the actor to be Michael Hagerty, though Van Luling discovered this to be erroneous. In reality, Hagerty played residential building superintendent Mr. Treeger. So who did play this mysterious character? Friends casting director Leslie Litt couldn’t remember. Show creator David Crane had no idea.

Eventually, Luling was contacted by the actor who played Ugly Naked Guy – none other than John Haugen, who claimed the be actor in question. Readers, he looks like this. And now we can turn to next mystery. Erm, what’s Gunther up to nowadays?