Why Amber Rose’s Podcast About Sex is Guaranteed To Be Amazing

It was recently announced that Amber Rose is to host a weekly sex advice podcast. The podcast will be produced by the American radio call-in show Loveline and is almost certain, at this early stage, to be amazing: Rose has spent the couple of years emerging as an important activist for sex positivity and feminism.

The author (see her 2015 self-help book How To Be A Bad Bitch), model and talk show host knows a thing or two about empowerment. She found fame dancing provocatively in music videos such as Ludacris’ ‘What Them Girls Like’ and has since refused to be slut-shamed. Earlier this year, she hit back at media reports that portrayed her as a “former stripper”, pointing out that the A-lister Channing Tatum is never referred to in this way, even though he also worked as a stripper before acting called.

An October 2015 GQ feature referred to her in the following terms: “teen stripper turned megalomaniac muse”; “Kanye’s infamous ex, Wiz Khalifa’s baby mama”; and “the most famous girlfriend in rap history”. Her response via Instagram: “That’s how you’re gonna label me?… I work so hard every day as a businesswoman and mother and nobody ever mentions that.”


And it’s not just about standing up for herself. Rose moved into activism by organising last year’s ‘SlutWalk’ in Los Angeles, an event created to empower women whatever they choose to wear. A similar event was held in Toronto in 2011 as a protest against the following (bizarre) official statement made by a police officer in relation to the issue of campus rape: “Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order to not be victimised”. Rose is holding another SlutWalk this October, and has promised it will bigger and better than last year’s, with seminars on the definition of rape and sexual assault, while attendants can be tested for HIV. She plans to unveil musical performances in a bid to turn her SlutWalk into an annual “female version of Coachella”; a strong rebuttal against those who would dismiss her as simply fame-hungry.

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Her VH1 talk show The Amber Rose Show, in which she chats with celebrities such as French Montana, reveals her as a likeable, engaging host, but the show’s best moments occur when she talks frankly with the audience about sex. On sexting: “Don’t ever, ever, ever send nudes… Just keep it all verbal. It actually stimulates the mind more.” A whole podcast of her sage advice is guaranteed to be worth a listen.

It will be an open forum to talk about sexuality, without shame or embarrassment, headed up by a woman who refuses to be held down by anyone’s bullshit. RuPaul recently described Hillary Clinton as “a badass bitch who knows how to get shit done”, fabulous words that could equally be applied to Amber Rose.