Why Can No-One Leave ‘Video Games’ Alone?

They’ll be putting a “No Video Games” sign up at the Radio 1 Live Lounge soon. First Bombay Bicycle Club, now Kasabian.

Lana Del Rey

Both bands have taken on the Lana Del Rey track in recent weeks, and both chose to stay pretty faithful to the original. BBC added a boy-girl dynamic and some subtle drums while Kasabian opted to simply sing the melody and swap harp for piano, strings for an acoustic.

What do you make of their versions? Which is a better interpretation? Are either better than the original? The first two nuggets of insight under the Kasabian video suggest opinion will be split; “It’s like awesomeness covered with happiness” and “Just as shit as the original” were the two constructive musings on YouTube this morning.

More importantly though, why can no-one leave the damn track alone? It’s fast becoming (in fact, scratch that, it already is) 2011’s buzziest, most shared, swapped, and manipulated track, a ‘Sex On Fire’-esque covers magnet about to overtake ‘You Got The Love’ in the remix stakes. Want a re-edit? Here’s a handful a quick search throws up:

White Lies, Jamie Woon, Erol Sabadosh, Mike Irish, Balam ACAB, Sub Swara, Club Clique For The Bad Girls, TATF, Joy Orbison, Frost, Chase Manhattan’s Seeing Stars Bootleg, , Baers DrnkGirls, Omid 16B, We Don’t Belong In Pacha, VVV, Mover Shaker, Kinectics & One Love, Dante Landis

In a way it’s the ideal template, full of fragments – a simple melody, subtle instrumentation, an innate visceral quality – that can be played up, taken out, or built on whichever way you want. Joy Orbison takes it housey, the We Don’t Belong In Pacha (aka Johan Hugo from The Very Best / Radioclit) edit converts it to a subdued rave up, Jamie Woon puts a Woon on it, White Lies add a thumping beat throughout.

And of course the fact the public, media (us included) and internet community can’t leave Lana Del Rey herself alone makes it inevitable. But still, surely it’s about time everyone finds someone else to devour?

With Odd Future among the many having already remixed ‘Blue Jeans’, and Lana no doubt heading for every Sound Of 2012 poll, that seems unlikely.

Which cover or remix of ‘Video Games’ do you think is the best? And are you into Lana Del Rey or sick of the sound of her?

Which covers are better than the original?