Why Do Take That Want Robbie Williams Back?

You can see why he wants it, of course. While that God-awful ‘Rudebox’ album topped the charts in 14 countries and the even worse ‘Reality Killed The Video Star’ spent a fair amount of time in the top ten in various countries (proving that while he wasn’t matching his previous success there’s always a fair few idiots who will stick by you), Robbie’s had nowhere like the success of The Other Four and been forced to watch them enjoy the kind of renaissance no-one could have predicted.

It’s got to burn, churning out mediocre toss after mediocre toss while your former bandmates pick up Brits and smash records left, right and centre while producing singles that arguably trounce anything they did in their first incarnation (‘Shine’, ‘Patience’, Greatest Day’). So of course he’d want in.


The burning question is: why would Gary (or Jason, or Howard, or Mark) want him back? They’ve done OK without him, it’s been 15 years since he left and to all intents and purposes (and a whole new generation of fans) Take That is a foursome now. It’s not like Led Zep or Oasis or even N-Dubz – bands whose very existence relies on each individual member. His days as The Joker of the pack are long behind him now.

Did they not see the goggle-eyed, marionette-on-meph X Factor dance?


Did no-one send them his last couple of records? And have they forgotten why they broke up in the first place, which was ostensibly to do with drugs (that of course he doesn’t touch now) but also because he wanted more creative input?

Maybe they heard the lyrics on his last album (random sample: “microwave yourself today, save you for a rainy day”) and thought he could help out in that department. Or maybe they’re hoping he can bring his UFO-spotting passion to a forthcoming album.

Whatever. Apparently, he’s only joining them for a year, which is good. If anyone needs to go through the rigours of a trial period, it’s Williams.

Take That

So do you think Take That will be better or worse with Robbie Williams? And should they have taken him back?