Why I’ll Cry When Girls Aloud Split Up For Good

And so it is – after 10 years of tiffs, tantrums and tunes, Girls Aloud are on the way out. Cheryl says that the band will break up after a final reunion tour next year. I for one, will shed a tear. Girls Aloud were a bastion of all that is great about British pop.


They wouldn’t last a second in today’s pop climate of hyper-sexualised raveathons where choruses must contain a maximum of three words. There’s was a pop more pure, ridiculous songs filled with oohs, ahhs and riffs-a-plenty.

They formed out of terrible adversity, or as its better known, Louis Walsh. They were his group on Popstars: The Rivals and, had he stayed at the helm, we’d likely have had a female Westlife, singing Bangles covers in cocktail dresses.


Instead they were gifted, by the hand of god, or as he’s better known, Brian Higgins. The Xenomania songwriter-in-chief worked closely with the girls throughout the career, using them as a pop testing lab for some of the most adventurous, perfectionist songwriting of the 21st century.

And what all-encompassing tunes they were. ‘Biology’ with its 29 choruses and dream-sequence nonsense. ‘Something Kind Of Oooh’ which solved the songwriter’s dilemma that not much rhymes with ‘you’ by offering ‘tu tu’. And of course, ‘Love Machine’ – such a banger even the Arctic Monkeys covered it.

Girls Aloud have had a great relationship with NME over the years, as enthusiastic writers did their best to sneak them in between the indie features. Sarah Harding once drank so much at the NME awards we had to spring for her cab home.

But of course it couldn’t last. As The X Factor made Cheryl a megastar and Nadine decided she was an entrepreneur (how are those themed pubs working out for you babes?) the band started to dissolve.

So we get one last hurrah before they call it day. 10 years is about the right time for a pop band to exist. Long enough for a greatest hits, short enough so that we never have to seem them get ugly. But the best news of all is they’re recording a few extra songs for the forthcoming best of – one last thrill for pop fans everywhere.