Why Noel Gallagher Is Wrong About Politics In Rock

Having written in favour of rock stars opening up on political issues in the interest of opening up discussion among the supposedly ‘apathetic generation’, I was saddened to recently see the media happily battening down the hatches of close-mindedness in rock.

Jarvis was berated for going on ‘Question Time’, beating the poor lad back into his pop kennel with patronising cries of ‘musicians should stick to what they know!’.



Then that venerable thinker and philosopher Noel Gallagher wades in to have a go at Coldplay and U2 for raising issues at gigs, as part of his on-going Keep Rock Thick campaign. “I have been to loads of concerts where bands don’t play, they just talk about politics,” he said.

Really, Noel? Are you sure you’re not mistaking ‘loads of concerts’ with ‘St John’s Wood WI Debating Society’? “There is always a message about poor people or people dying from hunger,” he went on. “Can’t we just have a nice evening, do we always have to feel guilty?”

A nice evening listening to, say, ‘Give Peace A Chance’, ‘Killing In The Name’, ‘What A Waster’ or ‘Elizabeth My Dear’?

At the time of writing Oasis were due to be supported at Wembley by a ‘nice evening’ of acts including The Enemy, Reverend and The Makers and Kasabian. Noel might be advised to open his ears.