Why We Can’t Wait For The Inbetweeners Movie

Not long until The Inbetweeners Movie is out now. Not long until we find out whether Jay and the gang’s clung-craving antics have seamlessly transferred to the WKD-soaked soil of Malia for the big screen, or if the whole shebang is the biggest pile of filmic excrement since the big pile of excrement that floated into Harry Enfield’s mouth in Kevin And Perry Go Large – the film we’re praying this one won’t emulate.

To mark the release we got James Buckley, who plays Jay in the series and film, to take a bit of a rock’n’roll quiz. As a man who’s played on record with Mr Steve Cradock, used to perform in a band named London Waiting and had his testicles grabbed by Serge from Kasabian once, we wanted to find out how much of a rocker he truly is. Get the new issue of the magazine to see how he did.

Inbetweeners in NME

But to the film again. Whether it turns out to be a cracker or not, it is already significant to the extent that it marks the full stop on one of the most refreshing – and best – British comedies in years and years.

The Inbetweeners showed that British comedy can still be brilliant when abiding to fairly conventional comedy show ideals – that you don’t actually need a Gervais and Merchant ‘maverick’ pairing going against the focus group grain to come up with a generation-best show. You just need to be funny.

The Inbetweeners
The Inbetweeners meet the NME office shredder…

But while Jay’s tall orgie tales, Will’s rigid-hump attempts to lose his virginity, Neil’s pet dog-esque cluelessness and Simon’s catwalk-displayed genitalia got the laughs, there was still a warmth and familiarity to the show that made us properly invest in these wallies as characters.

The Skins suits may have created a youth group-honed approximation of what high street retailers believed teenagers to be, all MDMA-licking nymphos in high-top Nikes, but The Inbetweeners’ portrayal of school life was rather more accurate for most people: library card fake IDs, going green on the rare occasions where you actually did bother taking any drugs, ritual humiliation as part of the average school day, and trying to convince girls to rub you through your Pepe jeans.

Makes you proud to be British, doesn’t it. So let’s stay optimistic about the film. I mean really, how bad can it be: