Show This To Your Boss – Why You Should Be Playing Music In Your Office

Frank Ocean. New Order. Kanye West. Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King. Loyle Carner. Goat. Just some of the artists whose music we’ve been blaring out of the NME office stereo since the start of this week. And with good reason, according to a recent study by Cornell University in the US. Their research found that playing happy sounding music at work is linked to an improved mood and increased concentration. Which is surely reason enough to tell your boss that you refuse to work in stony silence any more, before you hook up iPhone to the AUX cord and act like the great living room DJ you become every Friday night when you get back home after the pub.

We all know that music perks you up, but now there’s proof that it also makes you better at your job. However, the study states that only upbeat, joyful music helps you in a work environment. The academics tested out some Grade A happy tunes – the Happy Days theme tune, ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ by Van Morrison, ‘Yellow Submarine’ by the Beatles and ‘Walking on Sunshine’ by Katrina and the Waves – basically all the songs that your boozy aunt would do at karaoke. But they also played their test subjects music they “deemed unpleasant”, which transpired to be heavy metal tracks by unknown artists. Apparently the mixture of brutality and obscurity caused the subjects to keep to themselves and much less likely to interact with their coworkers. So if you need to make the case to your boss to install a record player or speaker in the office, then promise them you won’t be playing Hatebreed B-sides at 9am. That definitely won’t help your working relationship with Rebecca from HR. Instead we suggest disco classics, reggae anthems, the occasional bit of ABBA and songs that remind you of your Year 9 school dance. Then you’ll know who to thank when you get a pay rise, after you impress everyone with your newfound diligence and increased work output. You’re welcome.

Here’s some winning office playlist tunes to get you started: