Wild Beasts Review The Singles

Wild Beasts’ Hayden Thorpe runs the rule over the latest tracks. This article first appeared in the 1st May issue of NME

Team Ghost – You Never Did Anything Wrong To Me EP
Just what I had hoped for from one of the founding members of M83. It’s pretentious and serious like only the French can pull off. I was brought to thinking about a sequel to the Mogwai-soundtracked Zidane film, in which Zinedine performs beach football on some distant weather-ruined bay only to sink slowly and tragically into quicksand.


Mini Viva – One Touch
Somewhere two hard-working women know they have a hit on their hands. Somewhere a pre-pubescent girl listens to the chart show while singing into her hairbrush microphone and pouting at the mirror. Somewhere a chubby accountant sits behind his desk with a Cheshire grin smeared across his face. Somewhere someone like me weeps uncontrollably into their cornflakes.

The Soft Pack – More Or Less
I’m instantly jealous of any band from California. They always seem to be instilled with an effortlessness which makes everyone else seem slightly too try-hard. These fellows work under such a tradition, complete with customary slack-jawed drawls and sleepy-fingered solos. California, I concede.

Pendulum – Watercolor
Please don’t get me wrong, thousands of raging festival-goers will most definitely lose their shit over this song with the mysterious and dreadful intensity only found in the young. Problem is, those people will return to their safe and sober homes with no ocean deep enough to drown the memory.

Rose Elinor Dougall – Find Me Out
A song somehow plucked from an age of innocence when the milkman’s morning whistles end up on record while he delivers cold red-tops to thirsty school children. The local Salvation Army band drops by to lay down some Hovis-like brass. Rose plays the mill-town beauty with a penchant for getting us all misty eyed and mushy. All to very good effect, I might add.