Wild Beasts, RHCP – This Week’s Singles Reviewed

NME’s Rick Martin reviews this week’s singles, featuring The Twilight Sad, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Wild Beasts
Red Hot Chilli Peppers

The Twilight Sad, ‘Sick’
The Human Centipede 2 and those Jodie Marsh photos aside, there’s nothing we’re less keen to see again this year than the twisted sadface on ‘Sick’’s sleeve. The tune’s not much cheerier either, sounding like ‘Amnesiac’-era Thom Yorke peering 10 years into his future, seeing Flea windmilling his cock-sock at an Atoms For Peace rehearsal and dishing out a dreary remix album as cynical retribution.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, ‘Monarchy Of Roses’
Flea, on the other hand, would have been delighted to have known 10 years ago that he’d still be wringing filthy funk-rock lucre out of his infuriating slap-bass wankery in 2011. By the way, the question ‘Are you a RHCP fan?’ remains one of the simplest, most effective moron tests, perfect for blind dates, freshers’ week and awkward cellmate introductions.


Hyde & Beast, ‘You Will Be Lonely’
So, a quietly acclaimed north-east indie supergroup? We know the drill here: kick-off by namedropping the member everyone’s vaguely heard of (The Futureheads’ Dave Hyde), then make brief passing reference to now-defunct ‘local heroes’ Golden Virgins before paying homage to to ‘scene genius’ Peter Brewis from Field Music. Mildly pleasing, but hardly worth crossing the Wear for.

Beth Jeans Houghton And The Hooves Of Destiny, ‘Liliputt’
Hoof sounds used as percussion – a bad idea? Neigh! Not enough songs utilise the aural possibilities of horses, be they real or simply imitated like in The Osmonds’ ‘Crazy Horses’ (a bonkers and brilliant pop song). Top marks to Beth and her Hooves then, not just for this ace folk-pop ditty but also the clippity-clopping at 1:43.

Wild Beasts, ‘Reach A Bit Further’
And from one wild beast to… OK, you can see what we’re trying to do here, there’s no point being coy. Which, of course, is a sentiment these Lake District lotharios infamously concur with – to the point that they’ve loaded this with the line “I was crude/I was lewd/I was rude/I was not in the mood” purely to give sexually frustrated music journos an interview jump-off point. Which is as thoughtful as taking the sticky corner of the duvet.

Oh My!, ‘Dirty Dancer’
More than a decade on from Daphne And Celeste (ask your dad…. Or maybe don’t), this seems to suggest that deliberately dreadful, funny-for-five-seconds pop duos are ripe for regurgitation. Which is at least good news if you’re The Ting Tings looking for something – anything – to align yourselves with for your big comeback next year. Good luck with that guys, by the way…


This article originally appeared in the November 12th issue of NME

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