‘Wildwood, NJ’ – Check Out One Of Lana Del Rey’s Favourite Films

Say what you like about her songs, but there’s no denying that Lana Del Rey has damn good taste. She’s into Elvis, James Dean and Father John Misty and she’s referenced everything from A Clockwork Orange to Lolita to the poetry of Walt Whitman in her lyrics. Basically she’s that moody girl in 6th form who always has a book in one hand and a mysterious black coffee in the other, despite the fact that the canteen only sells extremely milky tea. Proper skills.

She helped earn her alt-culture stripes by dropping in clips from cult 1994 documentary Wildwood, NJ into the video for ‘Diet Mountain Dew’ a few years back. The video was pulled for copyright reasons – naughty Lana – but you can now see the full hour-long documentary for yourself in UK as it tours the country – it’s currently unavailable on DVD so this is your only chance, pals.

A charming, hilarious and occasionally slightly troubling look at the boardwalk of blue-collar holiday destination of Wildwood, the film is a 60 minute time capsule of 1990s fashion and a touching look at female friendship across the ages – from 13 year old girls gigglingly braving the teenage boys of boardwalk to greying nannas proving that squad goals aren’t just for the young.

Directed by Ruth Leitman and Carol Weaks Cassidy and shot on fuzzy Super 8 – so very Lana – it offers an almost poetic insight into the original Jersey Shore, a place with heart and humour and some very entertaining women indeed.

Check out the best bits below if you can’t get to a screening: