Will BBC Music’s New Playlist App Replace The Spotify, Apple Music Or Tidal In Your Life?

There’s a new kid on the streaming service block. Apple Music and Tidal don’t want to be its friend, but Spotify, Deezer and YouTube are already holding its hand. This is the BBC Music app, a curated, mobile and tablet-friendly music streaming app running on iOS and Android that brings BBC’s music coverage and playlists straight to your phone – in conjunction with Spotify, Deezer or YouTube, if you hold an account with any of those services.

If you’re not signed up to any of the above services, all you’ll be able to hear with the new app are thirty-second segments of the songs BBC playlists on its radio stations or those in playlists created by presenters or for events – but you’ll still be able to watch all of the video content the BBC produces, like Live Lounge sessions, Jools Holland performances, interviews, and Adele impersonator sketches. If you’re signed up to Spotify, Deezer or YouTube as well, though, you can also use the app to create your own playlists and export them to your chosen service.

Much like other streaming services out there, this one also personalises what it shows you depending on what you listen to. This means there’s an element of discovery to the app – but the most useful function for radio-listeners is being able to find and instantly stream anything they hear on a BBC show, a brilliant tool Apple Music’s Beats 1 station has been sitting on since its launch in June.


If you’ve used BBC’s pre-existing digital music arm, Playlister, you’ll be familiar with how it all works, but the app promises to “evolve and add new features based around user feedback – keeping music fans at the heart of what the app offers.” It’s set to hit the app store this afternoon (February 24) – let us know what you think of it.

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