Hurry Up, Winter: These Are The Locations Delaying ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Seven

So you’ve probably heard the bad news by now. If you haven’t take a seat. Game of Thrones season 7 has been pushed back until late 2017. The new episodes were penned in to premiere next Easter but has since been delayed to accommodate the filming locations’ necessary seasonal changes.

After years and years of warnings (and memes), winter has finally arrived in the fictional Westeros – which is proving a logistical issue for the production crew. So far, the show has been set in a lengthy Westerosi ‘summer’ but as the White Walkers move past The Wall into the North, freezing temperatures and plenty of snow will follow them. Whether winter arrives because of them, or they simply use it as their ally, we don’t really know yet – but that’s for another day. This development in the story means that all the sunny filming locations for the new series (Croatia, Spain, Morroco, Malta) need to look relatively wintry, so production in these locations would need to take place later than normal. Principal filming would usually take place in the coming months, but those sun-kissed locations now need to look drab and freezing. Doubt Cersei is going to take that well

So when do these locations provide the ‘grim grey weather’ showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss are looking for? We took to Google Maps to pinpoint all the key shooting locations for the show so far and found out when the chilly seasons actually arrive.

Winter is coming, it’s just taking it’s time.