The wit and wisdom of Mac DeMarco

You only need to watch a few interviews to tell Mac DeMarco rarely takes anything seriously. He is goofy, fun-loving and super charming. From DeMarco’s mellow guitar music, you would not expect the singer to be one of music’s favourite funny men.

To celebrate news of a 2019 album, we revisit seven pearls of wisdom that Mac has taught us over the years.

1. Don’t smoke, kids

He famously sang about his love of smoking in his hit ‘Ode to Viceroy’. But he doesn’t want to encourage it.


One interviewer at Coachella told him he is “cool”, “smooth” and “so casual” for smoking whilst performing. DeMarco shut him down joking: “That’s called addiction, it’s a vicious, vicious beast and I don’t recommend it.” He made sure to thank him for the compliment, though.

Mac DeMarco

2. Don’t let life get you down

In the same Coachella interview, DeMarco was asked what his new album was about. What followed was a piece of poetry on navigating positive and negative emotions all at once:

“It’s about my family. I have felt a lot of different feelings this year, depression, anxiety, different things. It’s strange. It’s cruel. Life if cruel. But also beautiful. It’s about the relationship between emotions of feeling happy and sad. If one didn’t exist, then neither would the other.”

3. Don’t eat at Chipotle

Mac DeMarco is usually super chill in interviews – except when it comes to US chain restaurant Chipotle. In that case, DeMarco doesn’t hold back. When asked what to get there in a Q&A, he said: “Leave. Don’t waste your time with that garbage. It’s bad and will hurt your stomach.”

He also chose Chipotle as “a food that makes you sick”: “Don’t want it, don’t give a shit, they can go fuck themselves.”


4. Be nice to your fans

The singer has always connected with fans, even dropping his address at the end of ‘Another One’ telling fans: “stop on by, I’ll make you a cup of coffee.” It turns out many took up the offer. Just before a 2015 NME interview, DeMarco was entertaining two super fans who arrived unexpectedly after finding the album before it had even dropped.

At Lowlands Festival 2017, DeMarco even invited a fan onstage to play ‘Freaking Out The Neighbourhood’ on guitar. It’s unclear whether DeMarco or new guitarist Thijs is having more fun.

5. If you are considering a Mac DeMarco tattoo, think twice

Mac says don’t. In a Chart Attack interview, he showed a picture of a fan with Salad Days on her Wrist. He followed up with some advice: “Don’t get tattoos of my stuff… It is very sweet but you have to realise I’m just some dumb 24-year-old and this is gonna be on your body for the rest of your life. Bye.”

6. Find someone who likes you for you

For a man who jokes about farts and poo, he gives surprising refreshingly candid love advice.

When asked how to get a girlfriend, he replied: ‘The way to get one I would say is just be yourself and eventually you will find some girl who likes the way you are. Then, boom, lucky you, you have this girl in your life and it’s gonna be fine.”

His romantic side came out again describing how to have a special date: “mussels and fries at a place that maybe you are not usually comfortable spending [that] amount of money” and a nice walk hand-in-hand.

7. Enjoy the simple pleasure of farting

Back to farts, DeMarco loves them. Especially his own.

Words: Zoe Tidman

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