Wolf Alice take a giant leap forward on the cinematic, golden ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’

The second track from 'Visions Of A Life' is all the justification you need to get extremely excited

Wolf Alice have always been the champions of not hemming themselves in. From the very start, they’ve stuck two fingers up to boundaries, gliding from scuzzy, snarling rock (‘Fluffy’) to beautifully fragile and intricate slow cuts (‘Blush’).

From what we’ve heard of second album, ‘Visions Of A Life‘, they don’t look to be changing that attitude any time soon. And why should they? First single ‘Yuk Foo‘ was the angriest, fiercest and most confident step forward from the group thus far. Today (July 5), they’ve followed it up with a song that continues that assured peak, but in a completely different way.

‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ is, in short, incredible. Its verses are like a continuation of ‘My Love Is Cool”s ‘The Wonderwhy’, in that frontwoman Ellie Rowsell softly speaks her words instead of singing them. “I’m typing you a message that I know I’ll never send/Rewriting old excuses, delete the kisses at the end,” she sighs at one point, a piece of ultra relatable poetry for anyone navigating love and lust and trying to play it cool with your crush.



To call it cinematic is something of an understatement – this is super wide-screen, the sharpest technicolour, so HD you can almost see their guitar strings sparkling with each note and the air around the drums crunching with each beat. Musically, it’s unlike anything Wolf Alice have done before. It’s the very definition of ambitious, a shimmering, golden piece of atmospheric indie that will make you feel like you’re drifting 40,000 feet above the clouds, looking down at Earth through a marshmallow patchwork.

Of course, all this shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone. Wolf Alice have long been showing us they’re the ones who’re going to conquer the world. ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ is just additional proof to anyone foolish enough to ever doubt them. Looks like it’s time to get very, very excited.

‘Visions Of A Life’ is released on September 29 via Dirty Hit. The band kick off their US tour tonight in Chicago.