Wolf Alice’s 5 Essential Horror Movies To Make Your Hair Stand On End

In the video for their single ‘You’re A Germ’, Wolf Alice star in their own mini horror movie, trying to escape a zombie invasion, chainsaw-wielding clowns and more. “It was the most stupid day we’ve ever done,” laughs frontwoman Ellie Rowsell down the phone, recalling the shoot. “I’d love to do it properly and make a proper little film one day, but for now this will suffice.”

As an aficionado of all things terrifying and gruesome, Ellie’s chosen her five essential horror movies to make your hair stand on end – all full of what she says are the must-have ingredients of any decent scary flick, “suspense and mystery”. Make sure you’ve got a cushion to hide behind before viewing.

The Blair Witch Project
Ellie: “One of my favourite horror films is The Blair Witch Project ‘cos I like the fact that you never see the scary thing. I feel like sometimes that ruins a horror movie – seeing what’s scary. Also just the complete low budget-ness of it is really inspiring for anyone who’s ever considered going into making films. It’s so effective, but it probably cost them next to nothing to make.”

28 Days Later
“I like 28 Days Later, because I feel like it’s really British. I always associate zombie movies either with really lo-fi slasher B-movies or really high-budget Hollywood movies. I think 28 Days Later is unique because it’s neither of those. It’s a really British, sinister, cool movie. I like sinister, mysterious films, but then a gory, fun one is good too. But you always need a lot of suspense. That’s what makes it fun and gives you the adrenaline rush.”

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
“We watched this in the tour van once when we had a really long journey ahead of us. We all psyched ourselves up to be really scared, but actually it’s a really good movie in its own right. Regardless of being a fun, scary movie, I found it quite arty. It’s really cool. Watching other people bouncing off their own fear and suspense makes it really fun. That’s why I think horror films are really fun to watch on tour ‘cos it almost makes it like a group activity, watching everyone get scared and getting yourself scared.”

Shaun Of The Dead
Shaun Of The Dead is my absolute favourite. It’s so good because it’s so sad. Even though it’s hilarious and a horror movie, it’s actually quite sad at the end. Also those guys [Nick Frost and Simon Pegg] are one of the best double acts to ever come out of British cinema.”

“Me and Theo are obsessed with V/H/S. It’s four or five short horror movies in one movie. They’re all quite low budget, but they’re so scary. The first one is insane. It’s about this hot alien girl, but they’re actually quite legit movies – well done, short stories made on VHS. They’re quite weird.”