All the best bits from the 2018 World Cup that don’t have much to do with footy

It's coming home

Let’s be honest, the highlights of the World Cup are rarely related to football. Sure, goals are nice, and a bit of national pride is a rare treat these days. But when it comes down to it, what we’re all really here for is the fuck ups – the baffling moments of complete oddity that only seem to emerge when the whole world descends on a tournament, flags in hand and inhibitions left on the baggage reclaim.

The 2018 World Cup has already been a vintage year for such stupidity. Not even two weeks into The Greatest Sporting Event Of All, we’ve been treated to national treasure Robbie Willliams flipping the bird to an audience of millions, an Iran player failing a front-flip throw in, and England flipping the entire country’s sense of rationality on its head. It’s been flipping brilliant (sorry).

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the very best memes and mistakes of the 2018 World Cup. Football’s coming home.

Robbie’s finger


Bafflingly drafted in to open proceedings (and even more bafflingly, failing to whip out ‘Party Like A Russian’), Robbie Williams’ opening ceremony performance was dominated by one thing – his middle finger. What a cheeky chappy!

Senegal’s warm-up dance (the Ducktales remix)

This one’s slightly more wholesome. Senegal’s warm up dance was adorable enough already, but add the Ducktales theme to it and…




The video assistant referee system has been a hot topic of this World Cup, inspiring both anger and adoration in equal measure. Some are questioning just what they’re up to on that screen.

While others are just adamant that it’s ‘bullshit’.

Others love it, mind.

Iran’s failed front-flip throw-in

You tried, mate. 

The undeniable fact that it’s coming home

Look, no one’s above a bit of national pride. 6-1 is a stunning victory. It’s coming home, alright? Even Liam says so.

The Love Island lot are getting involved, too. And they’re stranded on a bloody island. Truly, the magic of the cup.

And this absolute legend

Get him a knighthood.

Yoko? Oh no…

Trust Yoko Ono to wade into World Cup fever with a take as hot as frostbite.

Understandably, it inspired some of the most baffled responses of the whole World Cup.

Patrice Evra getting too clap happy

This one’s almost adorable. Clearly just stoked to be there, Patrice Evra seems to have been asked to stop clapping so loudly by his ITV bosses. Bless him.

The sheer number of fucking penalties

And… well, this one’s just fucking stupid, really, but it deserves a mention anyway

God bless the World Cup.