World’s Youngest Covers Band Take On Metallica

This morning’s all about the 30 worst cover versions of all time on – and believe us, there are loads of them out there (most notably that horrendous Nirvana cover Miley Cyrus treated us to). That being said – it’s pretty embarrassing when a group of kids can put a professional popstar to shame with their musical abilities.

Don’t believe us? Watch as a group of the coolest eight to 10 year-olds out there take on Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’. Hell, they even put Lou Reed’s Metallica efforts to shame.

Plus, they did this killer GnR cover:

These guys even have an official Facebook page, so show The Mini Band some love. After all, they’re currently at No. 4 on the YouTube Chart.

Which rockin’ kids are currently impressing you? This lot covering Queen? (Good luck beating this one, Gaga)

Or how about these kids (who totally nailed the KISS look)?