Wretch 32, Paul Weller, Jay-Z & Kanye – This Week’s Singles Reviewed

Jamie Fullerton fills us in on the latest single releases

Angel ft. Wretch 32 – ‘Go In, Go Hard’
He’s got a decent set of pipes on him, has Angel, here calling in a favour from Tottenham’s finest after guesting on ‘I’m Not The Man’ off Wretch’s album. But, impressive as those vocal gymnastics are, Wretch’s louche charisma is so captivating that he’d upstage Mariah Carey just by reading from a Chinese take-away menu between verses. Makes sense that he steals the thunder here too, then.


Soko – ‘First Love Never Die’
I remember seeing Soko being ‘launched’ on the London scene on a night that involved her singing guest vocals with (or maybe just walking around with) Johnny Borrell at a free drinks party organised by an electronics company. That was at least three years ago. But if it’s taken that long to hone Lykke Li-goes-Vampire Weekend heartbreakers like this one, it’s been worth the wait.

Erasure – ‘Fill Us With Fire’
For about five minutes, Erasure must have been a little bit miffed that it was The Human League who were hoisted aloft from the formerly un-credible pit of ’80s synth-naff after getting props off La Roux a couple of years ago. Sadly, Frankmusik producing this hunk of electro-filler (and the rest of their last album) won’t have the same effect.

Paul Weller – ‘That Dangerous Age’
The second song to be taken from Weller’s awesome new album ‘Sonik Kicks’, this has as much saucy swing as a Tom Jones belter, and should help ensure that The Jam’s full reunion remains on Fantasy Island for another 18 months. In fact, if Weller keeps this purple patch going much longer, pretty soon people are going to start remembering The Jam much as Miles Kane fans do The Rascals.

Jay-Z & Kanye West – ‘Niggas In Paris’
This tune was enough to bring trendy Shoreditch to a standstill when its video was projected onto a train station wall. Though it was pretty funny watching a ton of prannocks turn up in the vain hope that Kanye would appear, the fanfare for the song isn’t over-egged – this could be the biggest tune on ‘Watch The Throne’ that doesn’t namecheck the Messiah.


Guided By Voices – ‘Keep It In Motion’
This one-off, non-album single from the ‘reunited, split up, then reunited again’ Guided By Voices is a chugging but biting reminder that not all reunions are initiated by sales pitches from big-bucks promoters. Nice irony in the title, too, considering that they apparently cancelled their comeback gigs because singer Bob Pollard is petrified of flying.