Wye Oak, ‘Shriek’ – Track Exclusive

Baltimore’s Jenn Wasner isn’t just one of crunchy American indie’s most prolific new voices – she’s one of its most reliable too. Since 2011, she’s released albums fronting grungey brooders Wye Oak, post-Cocteau dream-poppers Flock Of Dimes and dancey ’90s throwback Dungeonesse – all great records, but each curiously overlooked, at least compared Maryland peers Beach House, Animal Collective et al.

Now back in the Wye Oak saddle, her latest release, ‘Shriek’, should see her and collaborator Andy Stack finally get the credit they deserve. Ditching the guitars and angst of 2011’s ‘Civilian’ for an airier, keyboard driven sound this time around, the album’s a breathy waltz through a gauzy, sex-stained 80s synth-pop wonderland. There’s even shades of Kate Bush to its brilliant title track below. Check it out ahead of the record’s release on April 28.