Years & Years Channel Bridget Jones On Their Effortlessly Fun Pop Banger ‘Meteorite’

The plot of Bridget Jones’s Baby, out September 16, sounds a bit like Mamma Mia, except instead of three potential dads it’s got just two (played by Colin Firth and Patrick ‘McDreamy’ Dempsey), and instead of Abba songs it’s got a soundtrack that includes Years & Years and Ellie Goulding.

Which brings us to ‘Meteorite’, the new track from Years & Years. The bubbly trio aren’t necessarily the first band you’d associate with the travails of a 43-year-old single lady, but frontman Olly Alexander has summed up his affinity with the character rather wonderfully: “If there’s anyone I’d like to be it’s Bridget – a wanton sex goddess with a very bad man between her thighs.”

Barring the Tove Lo-featuring remix of their single ‘Desire’ in March, this is their first properly new music since their debut album’s release in July 2015. It’s got all the shimmery electronic quirks we’ve come to associate with them, but it’s also utterly lean – there’s not a trace of excess on this totally efficient banger, which will almost certainly feature in the bit where Bridget gets with Patrick Dempsey’s billionaire character. And as a sign of things to come on album two, which the band will start work on later this year, it suggests both a growth and refinement of Years & Years’ effortlessly fun pop.