Yes Giantess, NewIslands Is Tropical Mix, Deftones, Beach House, The New Pornographers – Free MP3 Downloads

Covering La Roux, working with Ellie Goulding co-conspirator Starsmith, pumping out canyon-sized drums and acrobatic falsetto – yes, Yes Giantess aren’t backwards in coming forwards with their manifesto.

Theirs is an unashamedly exhuberant Bostonite pop (think Passion Pit with the chart-factor turned to 11) that makes them perfect iPod fodder to part the storm clouds hogging England’s skies and make you bounce down the street. Get ‘The Ruins’, a Baby Monster remix of ‘The Ruins’, and their take on La Roux’s ‘I’m Not Your Toy’ (which turns it into a ’90s yoof culture show soundtrack) after the jump.


Download Yes GiantessThe Ruins

Download the Baby Monster remix of The Ruins

Download the Yes Giantess cover of La Roux‘s I’m Not Your Toy

Get more from Baby Monster on this post.

NewIslands, meanwhile, could be their Midlands cousins. The drums are as biscuit tin, the synths equally flitty, but there’s something much more British to them. Their single ‘Out Of Time’ swaps YG’s hint of Scissor Sisters for something much more Hurts-y, imbuing their pop with a Drums-esque melancholy. Hear the original here. Our Is Tropical mix slows it down for an even moodier, growly take on the original.


Download the Is Tropical remix of Out Of Time

Get Is Tropical’s ‘South Pacific’ here

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