The Walmart kid yodelling has been remixed a lot but these ones are genuinely good

If only it'd happen in Aldi.

There’s another meme here on Planet Earth, everyone. Uploaded to YouTube a while back, but resurfacing in the last week it showed Mason Ramsey, a 11-year-old boy from Golconda, Illinois singing ‘Lovesick Blues’ by Hank Williams in what we can only assume is his local Walmart. It is shaky, but definitely sweet. Probably best you just watch it for yourself, really, isn’t it.

It went viral, because of course it did and Mason has been absolutely been lapping up the praise. In fact, he’s said the clip has landed him his first ever concert. And if you enjoyed that, he’s tackled some more Hank Williams songs in the past. 

But we’re going to be honest – it’s good, very good, but it’s missing a little pizazz. Enter, The Remixes.

This one may well be the best song that Swedish House Mafia never released.

Here, we get a very quick peak at the method behind the madness. And lightning bolts shoot from his eyes, which is always cool.

Kind of harrowing, kind of excellent.

If you thought that beloved Nintendo Wii menu music was safe from being tainted by the Walmart Kid, you were so very wrong.

He’s joined in on Flo Rida’s track, too.

For good measure, someone has done their own version. But Mason is the king.