You Can Become Motörhead’s Lemmy With This Grand Theft Auto V Mod

It’s been just over a fortnight since Motörhead frontman Lemmy’s death, but in that brief time someone has created a mod that allows you to play the rock legend himself in Rockstar’s latest edition of Grand Theft Auto. All you have to do is own a PC, own a copy of GTA and follow the instructions to install it.

Features include:
1. A Lemmy skin that appears to be based on the model of one of the game’s main characters, Michael de Santa. You can change his hair, skin, face, beard, hat, glasses, tattoos, and clothes – which include a Motörhead t-shirt.

2. On demand you can spawn Lemmy’s motorbike – a Hexer with an ‘eat the rich’ logo

3. Dedicated commands for smoking and drinking, playing the guitar and drums.

4. A pause feature that allows you more time to screenshot your Lemmy doing random things.

If all that sounds like too much work, you could just content yourself with the below video, which shows the GTA-Lemmy doing all that stuff and more.