You Can Help Leo Get That Oscar With The Free Desktop Game ‘Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage’

Leo really, really wants that Oscar. At least, he does in the free, ’80s arcade-style desktop game Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage, which requires you to steer the actor through the red carpet as he chases an Academy Award, leaping over paps and, at one point, racing Michael Fassbender for the gong.

Despite being one of the most acclaimed and celebrated actors of his era, Leonardo DiCaprio has never won an Academy Award. Yet he’s tipped to change that at the ceremony on February 28, thanks to his role in The Revenant, in which he plays a grizzled frontiersman battling the elements after being mauled by a bear and left for dead in a botched expedition up the Missouri River. The role requires some Serious Acting, which is why many pundits reckon it’s Leo’s time to make that tearful acceptance speech.

In fact, Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage features a level requiring you to bash out a speech in quick time, while developers The Line also satirise the recent race furore around the Oscars with a level where you pick out the only black nominee, indicating they’ve got even sharper claws than that bear.