Disney’s Upcoming Star Wars Land – Eight Things We Know So Far

News broke late last year that Disney would be closing 14% of its attractions in order to free up resources and space for its new Star Wars Land, a 14-acre theme park dedicated to one of the highest-grossing film franchises of all time. Now, details of the attractions have started to emerge, and Twitter has had a bit of a meltdown. So far there’s only concept art, but we already know a few things about what’ll be in the park.

1. It’s spread across two parks

That’s at the Walt Disney World resort in Florida and Disneyland in California.


2. There’s already a ‘Launch Bay’ where you can get to know Star Wars better

It’s an interactive experience where visitors to Disney’s studios in Florida and park in California can immerse themselves in the new film, as well as the six previous ones.

3. You’ll get to fly the Millennium Falcon

It’s official.

4. There’ll also be a battle ride between the Resistance and the First Order

No one knows where it’s going to be set, although it could be on Starkiller Base, the setting for the climactic final moments of The Force Awakens.


5. By the looks of it, it’ll mainly be set here

All of the concept art so far has been set on this planet, with the same domed buildings and lush climate in every picture. Reports are that there will be new characters and settings in the park – this unfamiliar scene could be one of the new planets.


6. There’s also speculation about a boat ride

That’s because Disney’s building one, but no one knows where it’d be set. Dagobah, the marshy system where Yoda hangs out? Or Endor, forest moon of the Ewoks? Or maybe even somewhere new.

7. The internet thinks this four-month-old map is fake, but it could be based on actual information

If it’s correct, it’ll take visitors from deserts and ice worlds to bustling metropolises.

8. It’s already given rise to plenty of speculation and piss-taking