You Know You’re A Muse Fan When…

As the NME Awards has demonstrated, Muse fans are some of the most dedicated in the world. In the last five years of NME Awards history, the Muse clan have won three Best Fans awards and plenty of those in years prior. If you’re a part of that wicked community though, you’ll know all of this to be true…

1. You’ve searched all over the web for a hint of Rocket Baby Dolls

Yes we all know and love Muse – but Rocket Baby Dolls was the name adopted by the Teignmouth trio for their very first gig. Last year we got a pretty incredible glimpse of the lads at one of their first ever gigs, however that hasn’t stopped you from digging for even more though.

2. Morgan Nicholls bopping around at the back of the stage is your life

This dude has been a part of the Muse gang since 2006 and followed them on every tour since playing guitar, keys and yes, even the Cabasa.

God bless you, Morgan.

3. You’ve genuinely considered dying your hair blue – just like Matt

Or bright red. Either will do.

4. You’ve also considered smashing your guitar – just like Matt

Being a Muse fan, there’s a probably good chance all been thrashing along to that ‘New Born’ riff and very nearly pummelled your axe into the nearest object all in the name of music. Some of us may have just used a Guitar Hero controller – but it’s still the same, right? RIGHT?!

Or into the sea – whatever.

5. You can identify pretty much all of their post-song jams

‘Helsinki Jam’, ‘Jimmy Jam’, ‘Kaos Jam’ – they’re all pretty great, but you know just about all of Muse’s post-song jams. If not? Try a bit of revision maybe…

6. You think the ‘Origin Of Symmetry’ set at Reading 2011 is one of their best ever

Yep. Their one-off show saw ‘OoS’ played in full for its tenth anniversary and they brought out ‘Darkshines’ and ‘Hyper Music’ for the first time since 2001, too. There’s a few traces of the show online (aside from 360 footage on YouTube) available to those unlucky enough not to be there but for those who were? They know they witnessed a true one-off.

7. ‘Plug In Baby’ gets you right in the mood for go on the air-guitar

Don’t lie, we’ve all been there. Although getting caught mid-solo by your Mum was a low point of your teens – it was definitely worth it.

8. You’ve got a thing for treasure hunts because of the band

For their grandiose mega-tune ‘The United States of Eurasia’ from ‘The Resistance’ in 2009, the band organised a worldwide treasure hunt with USBs in major cities hidden with a code to unlock the tune. Basically, it was a thrilling few days and nothing has quite reached the heights of that thrilling day – has it?

9. This is your face when someone asks what is your favourite Muse album


But it’s usually a toss up between ‘Origin Of Symmetry’, ‘Absolution’ and maybe ‘Black Holes and Revelations’

10. You’ve always wanted to know what he’s building in there

The Tom Waits tune served as an integral opener during their ‘Hullabaloo’ sets in the early ‘00s – but you’ve never quite got the answer you very much need…

11. You’ve got an obscene collection of Muse live shows

Due to their bone-shaking live shows, you’ve obviously plundered for their collection of Muse shows from ’99-’09 and then headed to to top up on the rest. The only problem? Not enough space on the iPod!

12. became your home

Speaking of, those forums are pretty full-on, however they also contain some the best Muse fans in the galaxy. But you knew that already…

13. ‘You Fucking Motherfucker’ is your jam

Yeah, that one.

14. You’ve genuinely considered donning a red suit like Matt at least once

No-one can quite rock the santa suit quite like Matt did at the famous Wembley shows in 2007, but you’ve definitely tried haven’t you?

15. This is you when ‘Dead Star’ is on the set list

16. And this is you when ‘Starlight’ comes on

17. You know that ‘The Resistance’ and ‘1984’ by George Orwell go hand in hand

If you needed an album to soundtrack the reading of that book – then this is definitely the one.

18. And years of trying to copy Chris’ head banging has left you with a permanent headache