You Know You’re A Strokes Fan When…

When The Strokes first emerged from the grimy streets of New York City back in 2000 looking cool as fuck and acting it too, they inspired immediate rabid devotion. Even sixteen years on, that fervour still surrounds them – it’s a feeling you’ll know well whether you’ve been a fan from day one or just joined their gang recently. No matter what they do or how long they go away for, the most die-hard Strokes fan’s love will never wilt. But just how big a fan of Julian, Nick, Nikolai, Albert and Fab are you? Finally, we’ve got a test that’ll let you know exactly how you measure up. Is your room on fire or totally anti-flammable? Find out below.

In your mind, New York is still a magical place where you can catch The Strokes in the tiny venues that they started in on the Lower East Side

It’s a dream world where everyone in Arlene’s Grocery or the Mercury Lounge is dressed in battered Converse, jeans, shirt, tie and snappy blazer, and you’re right there watching one of the world’s best bands get going.

You always know the perfect Strokes lyric for any situation

The chorus of ‘Between Love & Hate’ or ‘Under Cover Of Darkness” “I won’t just be a puppet on a string” for when you’re feeling defiant, “I know you hate to be impressed by someone else other than yourself/But you know holding back on being an asshole kind of helps” from ‘Fear Of Sleep’ for when you’re feeling sassy. And, of course, these lines from ‘Heart In A Cage’ when you’re at a Strokes gig: “I went to the concert and I fought through the crowd/Guess I got too excited when I thought you were around”.

You know that despite Drake reckoning he invented the term YOLO The Strokes used it way before him

Because, of course, the band launched Operation YOLO around the release of ‘You Only Live Once’, where they asked fans to call up radio shows and request the track. In 2006. Take that, Drizzy.

Even if you could afford ten of them, you would never drive a Lotus

For fear of being branded an asshole by Julian.

You’ve analysed Albert’s reaction to the Voidz’s cover of ‘Vision Of Division’ in minute detail

Is that little side glance a hint that he knows he’s being filmed? Is his look of confusion and horror actually just aimed at Julian’s hair? Maybe he’s just jealous he didn’t think of transforming the song like that? Or is he just totally fucking fuming that his friend has had the audacity to massacre their band’s track? You’re still working out the answers.

You realise the time is 12:51 and it makes you smile

Because how can you not be happy thinking about one of The Strokes’ finest moments?

You’ve familiarised yourself with the whole Cult Records roster past and present

Julian’s got some fine, fine taste, including his bandmate Albert Hammond Jr, the melodic synth-pop of Rey Pila and rising UK band Inheaven’s dizzy indie anthems. You’ve even taken the time to listen to all of Har Mar Superstar’s releases on the label.

And you’ve checked out Albert’s dad, Albert Hammond, and his back catalogue

Just so you can recognise where he got those stellar musical genes from.

You recognise ‘Instant Crush’ as the best song on Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’

Who cares about ‘Get Lucky’ when you’ve got Julian singing like he’s soundtracking the heartbreak of a robot? You’re also holding out hope the second track he worked on with them surfaces some day.

How Albert felt keeping new music a secret was how you felt waiting for it to arrive

When he tweeted this in response to a fan, you knew exactly what he’d been going through.

You’ve gone deep on Guided By Voices/The Velvet Underground/any band they’ve ever cited as an influence

Tom Petty, The Replacements, Bob Marley – hell, even Cyndi Lauper. And you’re really excited now you’ve got a monthly radio show from Julian to discover even more music, like, erm, Chopin?

You’re convinced their constant coyness and/or hinting that the band is nearly done is going to be the end of you one day

E.g when Albert said last year’s Hyde Park show might be their last gig and when Julian told Annie Mac a new album would happen “if the collective will can be summoned”. Why won’t they stop messing with you?!

You’re fluent in Strokes side projects, from Little Joy to Summer Moon and everything in between

You can name every track on Nikolai’s first solo album under the alias Nickel Eye and don’t even get you started on collaborations. You’re still really into ‘My Drive Thru’, the track Julian did with Santigold and NERD, and you can easily detect Nick’s influence on Sia’s ‘We Are Born’ album.

Even after ‘Comedown Machine’, you still couldn’t help but get really, really excited about ‘Future Present Past’

So that last album wasn’t as strong as you hoped it would be, but you’re not one to turn your back on the boys so suddenly. The day they revealed the tracks from ‘Future Present Past‘ was like Christmas for you and now you’re spending every second of the day hoping and praying they make another full album soon too.