You Need To Hear This Punk Band Fronted By The 16-Year-Old Son Of Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong

Twenty nine years after his father formed his first band, Sweet Children, Jakob Armstrong has signed to Caifornian label Burger Records and unveiled plans to release his first tape. The youngest son of Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, Jakob (who goes by ‘Danger’ instead of his surname) is following in the footsteps of older brother Joey, whose band Swmrs are also signed to Burger. The imprint has history with Green Day, having released their ’94 classic ‘Dookie’ on cassette earlier this year.

Anyone who was into that early Green Day sound will recognise the nasal vocal and restless energy of ‘King Of The World’. The chorus shares an earworm quality with ‘Dookie’ tracks like ‘Basket Case’ and ‘Welcome To Paradise’. But rather than the straight up pop-punk that made his dad famous, Jakob’s racket is scuzzier, with needly guitar lines twinned with hissing cymbals and bass. That said, there’s something of crusty ska crew Operation Ivy – who Billie Joe often cited as an early influence on Green Day – here.

Most interesting though are the lyrics, which posit the 16-year-old as someone eager to tear headfirst into the rest of his life. “Have patience and then you’ll see/Who I’m growing up to be” he snarls before adding, “I’m tired of here I wanna go outside/busting down the door”. For anyone who’s ever sat, bored senseless in their bedroom on a school night, it’s a familiar sentiment.