Watch A Bizarre, Pre-Kurt Interview With Courtney Love, Introduced By Debbie Harry

A rising actress with lips red as raw meat pouts into the camera and explains how, had she not just broken into acting with roles in Sid And Nancy and Straight To Hell, she’d likely have ended up a stripper, a bad ’60s poet, an English student or a tramp. “I get a lot of influence from bag ladies,” she says, “I see them walking on the street,” says – who else? – Courtney Love, aged 22, “they look so lonely and sort of romantic – you know they’ve been through a lot.”

Introduced by a dispassionate Debbie Harry on US TV show Andy Warhol’s Fifteen Minutes in 1987, Love also went into her romantic interests, claiming to have recently gone out with a “boring” prince because she liked yachting, diamonds and “presents”. She seemed, in fact, destined for a rather loftier future than that of ’90s grunge queen, apart from one telling confession. “Every boyfriend I’ve ever had has been seriously influenced by The Ramones,” she claimed, “[and] Hipsway.”

Her issues, according to a quack psychiatrist type at the end of the clip, boil down to money worries brought on by “short person syndrome”. Problems which stack heels and ‘Nevermind’ would soon sort out…