Young Thug Rode Through Downtown Atlanta On A Horse To Promote His New Tour

Look at that headline – just look at that headline.

Yes, Atlanta rapper Young Thug, captured in the below clip sitting atop a patient horse in his home city, has seemingly gone to extraordinary and rather bizarre lengths to promote the May tour that’ll supplement his upcoming album, provisionally titled ‘HY!£UN35’. Here it is, for it is very much real:


It’s a tremendous thing, isn’t it? Captured on Snapchat by his label boss Lyor Cohen and subsequently uploaded to Twitter by a number of gleeful hip-hop blogs, the man known legally as Jeffrey Lamar Williams is indeed sitting on a horse, seemingly in the middle of a shoot to promote his forthcoming 26-date US tour. While nothing has been confirmed yet – indeed, Thug cancelled a number of dates of the September ‘HY!£UN35’ tour with very short notice – this outstanding marketing tactic surely won’t be canned.

It shouldn’t be too surprising to see Young Thug – Thugga to his mates – doing something as extravagant as this, as the 24-year-old has already built up a reputation for the unusual. With a penchant for wearing girls’ dresses as t-shirts, drawing pictures as a method of songwriting and collaborating with Jamie xx to produce The Song of the Summer© (and the proud winner of 2015 NME‘s floorfillers poll), he’s certainly an artist worth keeping an eye on if you’re a fan of music’s greatest eccentrics.

But, once again, we return to the main point: here is Young Thug, on top of a horse, in downtown Atlanta. You’re very welcome.

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