‘Your Love’ – The Evolution Of A House Classic

Have you heard the new Animal Collective album? It’s amazing. At the moment, my favourite song on it is the sky-thumping ‘My Girls’. XXXChange, the production powerhouse behind Spank Rock and the last Kills album, made a quick mash-up to show the similarities between that song and Chicago house classic, ‘Your Love’.

Animal Collective aren’t the only ones who owe a debt to ‘Your Love”s writer, Jamie Principle, as I will demonstrate here in, A Brief History Of ‘Your Love’.

Jamie Principle and Animal Collective
Jamie Principle; Animal Collective

Jamie Principle – ‘Your Love’ (1985)
The first ever house song? Maybe. Sometimes credited to Frankie Knuckles, though it’s said the legendary DJ only popularised the song, and it was produced by Principle alone. That bassline!

The Source ft. Candi Staton – ‘You Got The Love’ (1991)

One of the first mash-ups, it mixes the music from ‘Your Love’ with an unreleased vocal Staton recorded for a 1980s documentary about obesity. She first heard of the track when it was a massive hit in the UK. It went on to sell two million copies. Again, that bassline!

Friendly Fires, Florence and the Machine
Friendly Fires; Florence and the Machine

Friendly Fires – ‘Your Love’ (2007)
St Albans finest pay tribute to Principle and Knuckles with this beefed-up live favourite. Bassline intact and at the fore.

Florence And The Machine – ‘You Got The Love’ (2008)
NME’s current cover star takes on Staton’s version, although it sounds more like a cover of the bombastic remix released in 1999 which replaces the ‘Your Love’ instrumentation with Rob D’s ‘Clubbed To Death’. As such, the bassline is dropped. Boo!

Animal Collective – ‘My Girls’ (2009) [Stream]
Though not a cover this song was originally called ‘House’, which hints at its genealogy. The twinkling synths at the intro are an unmistakable tribute to Principle’s masterpiece.

Did I miss any? Let me know.

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