You’re A Real Estate Wizard, Harry: The Dursleys’ House Is Up For Sale

The young wizard Harry Potter famously grew up at 4 Privet Drive, with his auntie and uncle and absolute bad bugger of a cousin, Dudley. He lived in the cupboard under the stairs and if you ever wanted to find out how that felt – well, now you can. The house used in the film series is currently up for sale: the three-bedroom gaff in Bracknell, Berkshire, is yours for just £475,000.

Failing to capitalise on its famous lineage, the property ad disappointingly lists what was presumably Harry’s room as “a cloakroom”. Not even a pun on wizard’s cloaks. No mention of there being plenty of Hedwig room in the attic. No allusion to the potential games of Quidditch in a nearby park. Absolute bloody zero warning about the possibility of flying cars overhead. For shame, Rightmove. Still, if you’re struggling to negotiate with the estate agent, you could always bellow “EXPELLIARMUS!” in their face.

Anyway, let’s slip on our invisibility cloaks and take a look at this here house, shall we?


It went for just £290k in May 2010, suggesting estate agents are basically financial Dementors.

You can get cosier than Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley on this sofa.

Kick back with a delicious Butterbeer, cold from the fridge.


Where the magic happens.

A magical world awaits in the wardrobe on the right. Wait, sorry, wrong franchise.

The view from your broomstick.