How many 2016 memes do you recognise in YouTube’s retrospective video of the year?

Every year since 2010, YouTube has created a Rewind retrospective video to look at big annual trends. In 2010 it was a simple round-up of the 10 most popular videos of the year. In 2011, it was a bit weird, because Rebecca Black kinda presented it. And in 2012, Rewind reached its current format, in which YouTubers star in a reference-packed mash-up of profuse internet meme-age from that year – and unless you spend your entire life on the internet, spotting all the references is no easy task. How will you fare with YouTube Rewind 2016?

Well, there are a few really easy ones, like this rework of Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ video:

There’s that Hodor scene from Game of Thrones:

The iconic cascade bit from Beyoncé’s ‘Hold Up’ video makes an appearance:

As, of course, do Damn Daniel and his white Vans:

We see the running man challenge, complete with ‘My Boo’

And, though the video came out in 2015, there’s a nod to the ever-popular ‘Sorry’ video by Justin Bieber.

This year’s video is also packed with less obvious references, like 2016’s Rainbow Bagel trend, or the world’s brief obsession with Orbeez. The video’s title is ‘The Ultimate 2016 Challenge’, so there’s plenty of those – mannequin, water bottle flipDon’t Mind, etc. There’s even Japanese comedy video ‘PPAP’, the shortest song ever to chart on America’s Billboard Hot 100, which never really caught on in the same way in the UK, but reached 178 million views globally. See if you can spot all the references in the full thing below: