Zane Lowe Leaves Radio 1: 10 Of His Best Interviews Over The Years

It’s the end of an era. Zane Lowe’s final show is on Radio 1 on Thursday (5 March) before he leaves the BBC to work for Apple in California. While it’s still unclear what he’ll be doing for the technology giant, we’re sure he’ll continue to interview music’s greatest luminaries. However, to celebrate his contribution to music broadcasting, kick back and listen to some of his most famous conversations to date. From Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines on MTV’s Gonzo in the heady 00s to more recent chats with Kanye West and Eminem, here’s 10 of his best.

Eminem (2013)


Kanye West (2014)

Rick Rubin (2014)

Morrissey (2009)

Radiohead (2007)


Queens Of The Stone On Age On Gonzo (2007)

Pete Doherty and Carl Barat on Gonzo (2003)

Arctic Monkeys on Gonzo (2007)

Lily Allen and Arctic Monkeys with Lauren Laverne (2007)

Jamie T on Gonzo (2009)

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