Here’s your weekend entertainment – it’s the legendary NME crossword

How much do you really know about music? Well let’s see! Just in time for the weekend here’s this week’s legendary NME crossword. Compiled by crossword extraordinaire Trevor Hungerford, get ready to test your musical knowledge to the extreme.

Here are the answers to last week’s crossword — how many did you get? 



1 I Will Wait, 6 Wilds, 9+10A+22D Lights Out, Words Gone, 11 Nine, 12 Seven Seas, 15+25A She Bangs The Drums, 17 Press, 19 Out Of Time, 23 Poet, 27 Avicii, 28 Head, 29 Vig, 30 A-ha, 31 Sheila, 33 Moby.


1 Islands, 2 Ingenue, 3+21A Late Night, 4 Alone Again Or, 5+32A To The End, 6 Wow, 7 Lorraine, 8 Sash, 13 Step On, 14 Taffy, 16 T Rex, 18 Saturday, 19 Orphans, 20 The Ride, 24 Aswad, 25 Diva, 26 Urge, 28 Ham.