It’s that time of week – here’s the legendary NME crossword!

How many clues can you crack?

Not got any plans this weekend? Or still nursing a hangover from the NME Awards and can’t face a big one? We’ll we’ve got the perfect entertainment for the next few days – it’s the legendary NME crossword! Just grab your biro and print it out, and let’s see how many of Trevor Hungerford’s wickedly difficult clues you can crack.



Here are the answers to last week’s crossword — how many did you get?


1 Just Say Yes, 8 Silver, 9 Longshot, 10 Layla, 11 Coda, 12 Lola, 13 Origins, 16 Side, 19 Dim, 21 I’m Not In Love, 24 Gimme Shelter, 25 Tension, 27+31A If I Were A Boy, 30 Eat, 32+23A Soft Cell.


1 Just Looking, 2 Sally Cinnamon, 3+6A She’s A Star, 4 Yellow, 5 Sundays, 6+23D So Solid Crew, 7 Ritual, 14 In The City, 15+22D Sunshine On Leith, 17 Ice, 18 Edie, 26 Eva, 28+20D It’s My Life, 29 EMF.